Norbert Emeis

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A grating spectrograph integrated monolithically for the first time in the InGaAsP system with a photodiode array for a dense WDM application is presented for the 1.5 mu m wavelength region. The chip provides 42 wavelength channels with a spacing of 4 mm, a channel crosstalk of approximately -15 dB, an internal photodiode efficiency of 90%, and a photodiode(More)
Für eine fortlaufende Effizienzsteigerung im Pflanzenbau sind auch zukünftig weitere Optimierungsschritte notwendig. Hierfür sind u.a. kleinräumige Bodeninformationen von hoher Bedeutung, um Ertragspotenzialkarten, optimierte Düngungskarten, Beprobungskarten etc. auf Teilflächenbasis zu erstellen. Kleinräumige Feldbodenkarten liefern die relevante(More)
By applying a single LPE-grown isoelectronically doped strained layer, on top of a conventional InP wafer, a strong reduction of dislocation and deep level density occurs. As a result an improvement in minority carrier lifetime and diffusion length and a better uniformity across the wafer is achieved. This is demonstrated by the comparison of p-n diodes(More)
On p-type Ga<inf>0.47</inf>In<inf>0.53</inf>As LPE-grown layers, Schottky diodes were fabricated with different metals and surface preparations. On chemically etched surfaces, diodes with ideality factors near unity but rather low breakdown voltages with soft breakdown were achieved. The barrier heights were between 0.4 and 0.7 eV depending on the work(More)
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