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PURPOSE To examine whether distinct ultrasonographic (US) signs exist in patients with adult celiac disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a partly retrospective study, abdominal sonograms were obtained in 11 patients with adult celiac disease. Fifty matched control subjects also were examined. After the patients had fasted overnight, they were examined with(More)
In a prospective study, 200 healthy female breasts were examined using color Doppler sonography to study the detectability and the resistive indices (RIs) of arterial vessels. In each breast, we attempted to detect two to three vessels and recorded the frequency spectrum with RI of each vessel. Blood vessels (n = 522) could be demonstrated in 196 (98%)(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the usefulness and limitations of the outer diameter of the vermiform appendix at cross-sectional ultrasonography to confirm or rule out acute appendicitis. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a prospective study, outer appendiceal diameters in 240 control subjects and in 278 patients suspected of having acute appendicitis who did (n = 98) or did(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine if suture granulomas display distinct sonographic signs and if these signs enable an accurate preoperative diagnosis. In a retrospective and prospective study, the sonographic findings of 22 consecutive suture granulomas were investigated and correlated with subsequent operative results. The sonographic appearance of(More)
In a blinded retrospective study of the efficacy of sonography of the salivary glands, we obtained sonograms on 849 patients. The patients were referred over the last 5 years from the ear, nose, and throat department of our university hospital. Eight-eight percent of the patients had symptoms related to the salivary glands. One hundred fifty-six of the(More)
PURPOSE To investigate whether the shape of the appendix in transverse section may be considered an ultrasonographic (US) criterion to exclude or confirm acute appendicitis. MATERIALS AND METHODS The shapes of appendices of 100 control subjects, of 174 patients with clinical suspicion of acute appendicitis but without acute appendicitis, and of 108(More)
Acute bowel inflammation frequently originates from thin-walled diverticula of the colon. Not the presence of diverticula, but the demonstration of an inflamed diverticulum, is diagnostic of diverticulitis in cases of bowel wall thickening and pericolic inflammation. The aim of this study was to investigate the sonographic appearance and detectability of(More)
High-resolution real-time sonography was done in 217 patients with malignant melanoma to compare its value in detecting regional lymph-node metastases with that of palpation. Lymph-node metastases were found in 29 patients by ultrasound whereas, by palpation, metastases were detected in 15 patients only. The presence of metastases was proven by(More)