Norbert E. Fuchs

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Attempto Controlled English (ACE) allows domain specialists to interactively formulate requirements specifications in domain concepts. ACE can be accurately and efficiently processed by a computer, but is expressive enough to allow natural usage. The Attempto system translates specification texts in ACE into discourse representation structures and(More)
Attempto Controlled English (ACE) is a controlled natural language, i.e. a precisely defined subset of English that can automatically and unambiguously be translated into first-order logic. ACE may seem to be completely natural, but is actually a formal language, concretely it is a first-order logic language with an English syntax. Thus ACE is human and(More)
We present Attempto Controlled English — a userfriendly first-order logic language with a rich English syntax — and its associated tools, and demonstrate how they meet the challenges of knowledge representation, reasoning, interoperability and user interfaces created by large software projects like the semantic web. Attempto Controlled English Meets the(More)
The speci cation language Attempto Controlled English (ACE) is a controlled natural language, i.e. a subset of standard English with a domain-speci c vocabulary and a restricted grammar. The restriction of full natural language to a controlled subset is essential for ACE to be suitable for speci cation purposes. The main goals of this restriction are to(More)
We propose an opportunistic approach for performing program analysis and optimisation: opportunities for improving a logic program are systematically attempted, either by examining its procedures in an isolated fashion, or by checking for conjunctions within clauses that can be used as joint speciications. Opportunities are represented as enhanced(More)
In this paper I will argue for executable specifications by showing that non-executable formal specifications can be made executable on almost the same level of abstraction and without essentially changing their structure. No new algorithms have to be introduced to get executability. In many cases the combination of property-orientation and search results(More)
Attempto Controlled English (ACE) is a knowledge representation language with an English syntax. Thus ACE can be used by anyone, even without being familiar with formal notations. The Attempto Parsing Engine translates ACE texts into discourse representation structures, a variant of first-order logic. Hence, ACE turns out to be a logic language equivalent(More)
We describe ongoing work on a bidirectional mapping between Attempto Controlled English (ACE) and OWL DL. ACE is a well-studied controlled natural language, with a parser that converts ACE texts into Discourse Representation Structures (DRS). We show how ACE can be translated into OWL DL (by using the DRS as interlingua) and how OWL DL can be verbalized in(More)