Norbert Abel

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Many of today's software-to-hardware compiler projects try to find data flow parallelism in a sequential program description and use it to generate parallel running hardware components. In this paper we present a new possibility to do a parallel description based on the combination of object-oriented programming and dynamically partial reconfigura-tion. Our(More)
Nowadays, two innovative future trends regarding embedded hardware development and hardware description can be found. The first trend concerns the hardware itself. Modern FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) provide the possibility that parts of the configuration can be exchanged while the rest of the circuit is running untouched — which is called dynamic(More)
The Active Buffer project is part of the CBM (compressed baryonic matter) experiment and takes advantage of the DPR (dynamic partial reconfiguration) technology, in which a dynamic module can be reconfigured while the static part and other dynamic modules keep running untouched. Due to DPR, design flexibility and simplicity are achieved at the same time.(More)
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