Norbert Ádám

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Article describes tile computing paradigm and introduces representatives of tile computing computer architectures with control and data driven computation models and describes data flow computing paradigm. Article introduces architecture of computer with data driven computation model based on principles of tile computing which is the modern approach to(More)
This paper deals with recent results of a supporting mechanism for efficient evaluation of network traffic parameters. Most of the network monitoring tools store the measured data in a database for the later analysis. With the growth of the data in the database, processing of queries is becoming more and more time consuming. This fact results in an(More)
Dynamic data flow system is a group of interconnected data flow driven processor elements, solving one compound task. Data flow systems are systems driven by flow of data, effectively using natural parallelism rising during processing of large amount of data, for example: image processing, sound processing etc. Speed of dynamic data flow system depends on(More)
This paper deals with the solution of database related problems which can occur during network traffic monitoring. During data evaluation through a database excessive response time can be noticed. While the time necessary to obtain the data from the database has a significant effect on the result of the monitoring, it is important to keep its value as low(More)
The architecture described in this article belongs to a class of dynamic data flow architectures, in which the operand process control significantly affects the performance parameters as well as the system characteristics of the given architecture. The main component of the presented architecture is the multifunctional pipeline unit, which handles(More)
Photorealistic rendering is very often used area in computer graphics. It is used to display human body in medicine, buildings in architecture and also in other areas of our life. For photorealistic rendering are very important powerful computer, than it is relative difficult on computing. To render a 3D object in computer graphics a high efficient computer(More)
Multiprocessor systems are possible to use for parallel computation related to association and classification tasks. For efficient solution above described tasks are used neural networks in which computation is processed in sense of data-driven executing. Similar model is used in data flow computers also. This article describes abilities of transformation(More)
Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is the modern approach to the construction of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that interconnects human brain and the machine and allows to send commands to the machine directly from the central nervous system (CNS) and especially the brain. Great popularity of the Arduino microcontroller board family and integration of its(More)