Norbert Ádám

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Article describes tile computing paradigm and introduces representatives of tile computing computer architectures with control and data driven computation models and describes data flow computing paradigm. Article introduces architecture of computer with data driven computation model based on principles of tile computing which is the modern approach to(More)
Photorealistic rendering is very often used area in computer graphics. It is used to display human body in medicine, buildings in architecture and also in other areas of our life. For photorealistic rendering are very important powerful computer, than it is relative difficult on computing. To render a 3D object in computer graphics a high efficient computer(More)
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Image Processing Systems are usually based on classical logic and set theory. This fact pass in case of some GIS elements because of presence of many uncertainties in the nature. Hence, these GIS elements can not be based on classical model at all time. Constantly growing demands on utilization of GISs require(More)
Multiprocessor systems are possible to use for parallel computation related to association and classification tasks. For efficient solution above described tasks are used neural networks in which computation is processed in sense of data-driven executing. Similar model is used in data flow computers also. This article describes abilities of transformation(More)
Abstrakt: V článku uvedená architektúra je založená na výpočtovom modeli " data flow " , v ktorom riadenie výpočtu je založené na spracovaní toku dát. Základným prvkom DF architektúry je koordinačný procesor (CP), ktorý je zodpovedný za riadenie a organizáciu vykonávania inštrukcií. Štruktúrna organizácia CP je navrhnutá ako dynamický multifunkčný systém.(More)
Paper deals with the data driven computation control paradigm, which is alternative to the mainstream control flow model of program execution control. In the second part of the paper we are introducing computer architecture that is proposed at the according to the data driven computation control model with use of tile computing principles. In the final part(More)
— Speech is the basic means of communication of people. In addition to having certain content, it also contains important acoustic information, which allows us to identify the speaker. The identification of persons has long been interesting for researchers. There is a whole set of methods aimed at this purpose, commonly called biometrics. However, if we(More)
Within the paper a description of communication model of plug-in based emuStudio emulation platform is given. The platform mentioned above allows the emulation of whole computer systems, config-urable to the level of its components, represented by the plug-in modules of the platform. Development tasks still are in progress at the home institution of the(More)