Norbahiah Misran

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A compact wideband dual-frequency microstrip antenna is proposed in this paper. By employing an offset microstrip-fed line and a strip close to the radiating edges in the circular slot patch, an antenna operating at dual frequency with the impedance bandwidth of 26.2% and 22.2% respectively is presented. By attaching a strip to the radiating edges opposite(More)
This paper presents a negative index metamaterial incorporated UWB antenna with an integration of complementary SRR (split-ring resonator) and CLS (capacitive loaded strip) unit cells for microwave imaging sensor applications. This metamaterial UWB antenna sensor consists of four unit cells along one axis, where each unit cell incorporates a complementary(More)
A new compact ultrawideband (UWB) patch antenna based on the resonance mechanism of a composite right/left-handed (CRLH) transmission line (TL) is proposed. The radiating element of the antenna is made from three left-handed (LH) metamaterial (MTM) unit cells placed along one axis, where each unit cell combines a modified split-ring resonator (SRR)(More)
The aim of this paper, a comparative study of several antennas commonly used in portable telephones is investigated. These include a monopole, a helical, a patch and a PIFA antenna. Each one of these structures is modelled and numerically tested using CST Microwave Studio. The testing procedure involves antenna simulation in the proximity of the human head(More)
A new high gain wideband L-probe fed inverted EE-H shaped slotted (LEE-H) microstrip patch antenna is presented in this paper. The design adopts contemporary techniques; L-probe feeding, inverted patch structure with air-filled dielectric, and EE-H shaped patch. The integration of these techniques leads to a new patch antenna with a low profile as well as(More)
A compact printed planar ultra-wideband antenna with dual band-notched is proposed. The proposed antenna consists of a rectangular radiating patch and a modified partial ground plane. Two rectangular parasitic strips are placed below the substrate to achieve dual band-notched characteristics. The measured results show that the proposed antenna achieved a(More)
In this paper, a novel multiple slot microstrip patch antenna with enhanced bandwidth is presented. The design adopts contemporary techniques namely; probe feeding, inverted patch structure and multiple slotted patch. The composite effect of integrating these techniques and by introducing the novel multiple shaped patch, offer a low profile, wide bandwidth,(More)
A novel design of an electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structure based on the uniplanar compact EBG (UCEBG) concept is proposed in this paper. The structure is realized by inserting splitring slots inside two reversely connected rectangular patches, which is known as a split-ring slotted electromagnetic bandgap (SRS-EBG) structure. The bandgap properties of the(More)