Norazlina Ahmad

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Regulatory sequences with endosperm specificity are essential for foreign gene expression in the desired tissue for both grain quality improvement and molecular pharming. In this study, promoters of seed storage α-kafirin genes coupled with signal sequence (ss) were isolated from Sorghum bicolor L. Moench genomic DNA by PCR. The α-kafirin promoter (α-kaf)(More)
Cereal grains offer great potential as a storage system for production of highly valuable proteins using biotechnological approaches, but such applications require tight temporal and spatial control of transgene expression. Towards this aim, we have undertaken a detailed analysis of α-kafirin (α-kaf) promoter and α-kaf signal peptide (sp) in transgenic(More)
— Numerous studies have been carried out for the past several years concerning the promising method on automatic detection of students' learning style for a better learning adaption. Likewise in this study, we emphasize on presenting the result for the meta-analysis done on previous studies which incorporated the use of literature-based method-narrowing to(More)
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