Norazlin Yusop

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In web systems development, the business environment, processes and the related Web systems are interdependent. The business domain not only drives the identification of system needs, but the business is fundamentally changed by the introduction or evolution of the system. This results in Web systems that are highly volatile with complex inter-dependencies(More)
Increasingly, IT systems and Web systems in particular, fall into the class of applications where the scope of the application to be developed cannot be clearly articulated a priori. This is for a range of reasons, but is at least in part due to the complex inter-dependencies which exist between different aspects of the problem domain. While Whereas the(More)
In Web system development, the non-functional requirements (NFRs) are typically considered only briefly during the requirements elicitation stage and not rigorously articulated by either Web developers or the client. This paper reports on an investigation into this issue involving interviews with Web developers who were engaged in commercial Web development(More)
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