Noraziahtulhidayu Kamarudin

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Late attention by officers in charge to high volumes of crimes and emergency cases can lead to an increase of unsolved cases nationwide. In this paper, we propose the use of Pull & Push Location Based Service model in experiments of the implementation of Location Based Service environment to lessen the problems faced by Police and Fire Fighters in(More)
Digital images play an essential role in analysis tasks that can be applied in various knowledge domains, including medicine, meteorology, geology, and biology. Such images can be degraded by noise during the process of acquisition, transmission, storage, or compression. The use of local filters in image restoration may generate artifacts when these filters(More)
The usage of mobile application in various aspects has been worldwide accepted and there are variety of mobile applications which developed to cater the usage of different background of the user. In this paper, a short survey which includes questionnaire is distributed to find the interest of user whom using application for learning Quran and concept of(More)
Echo cancellation has always in the preprocessing steps before the signals are converted to feature vectors and pattern classification. This is always the correct flow of speech identification. Therefore, in order to get the best cleaned signal, the usage of adaptive echo cancellation removed the echo and also the noise which deteriorates the signals and(More)
This study proposes an automatic noise estimation method based on local statistics for additive white Gaussian noise. Noise estimation is an important process in digital imaging systems. For example, the performance of an image denoising algorithm can be significantly degraded because of poor noise level estimation. Most of the literature on the subject(More)
—This paper presents the process of Quranic Accent Automatic Identification. Recent feature extraction technique that is used for Quranic verse rule identification/Tajweed include Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) which prone to additive noise and may reduce the classification result. Therefore, to improve the performance of MFCC with addition of(More)
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