Norasiken Bakar

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Evolutions in technology have changed the day-to-day especially in education. The ways of teaching and learning have begun the same process. Only the methods can be varieties depends on the instructors. Nowadays, the interest-growing topic in education is about gamification. Various approach has been introduced through gamification to engage student(More)
This research is about the development of the 3D courseware named as 3D-Atomic Cubic as a tool for teaching and learning chemistry subject. This 3D-Atomic Cubic courseware will contain all multimedia elements used to attract students' attention for learning the contents. This courseware is specifically developed for a topic in chemistry subject for student(More)
This paper highlight the development of virtual learning for chemistry subject. In this research, the term virtual learning is used to show the students may see the real material and simulation that involved in learning process using computer. They also able to interact with the material and apparatus for the experiment. Discussion involved on theoretical(More)
This paper addresses the designing of Online Multiple Intelligence (MI) Teaching Tools for Polytechnic lecturers. These teaching tools can assist lecturers to create their own teaching materials without having any knowledge of Information Technology (IT) especially in programming. The theory of MI is used in this paper and this theory postulates that(More)
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