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Signal harmonics presence in a power system is a major concerned to power engineers for many years. With increasing use of nonlinear loads in power systems, the harmonic pollution becomes more serious. One of the widely used computation algorithm for harmonic analysis is fast Fourier transform (FFT). In this paper, a harmonic analyzer using FFT was(More)
Online signature verification rests on hypothesis of which for any writer, there will be similarity among signature samples, with some scale variability and small distortion. The signature verification using SVD technique is a dynamic method in which when users sign, the system recognizes the signature by analyzing its characters such as acceleration,(More)
Diagnosing retinal diseases of the eye requires analysing tiny retinal vessels. Digital colour fundus images are plagued by the problem of low and varied contrast. Further, with noise being present in the images, retinal vasculature is difficult to be analysed. This paper discusses various denoising methods to improve the SNR of the retinal fundus images(More)
Face recognition is a popular technique in identifying human features. In certain application such as recognizing criminals from video surveillance, where no other physical trait is available, face recognition is the most practical and assessable human recognition method. For this reason, face recognition continue to attract large research interest among(More)
  • Noor Hazrin, Hany Mohamad Hanif, +4 authors Mohd Noh
  • 2011
The utilization of controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) method has gained tremendous interest among the offshore exploration community in these recent years. This application is especially significant in detecting hydrocarbon in shallow waters. The success of this method in the search of oil and gas reservoirs is due to the fact that(More)
In this paper, speckle removal from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images using subspace-based technique is proposed. The fundamental principle is to decompose the vector space of the noisy image into signal-plus-noise subspace and the noise subspace. Noise reduction is achieved by removing the noise subspace and estimating the clean image from the(More)
Analysis of the tiny retinal vasculatures in retinal fundus images becomes difficult due to very low and varied contrast between the retinal vasculature and the background. Fundus fluorescein angiogram overcomes these problems and provides an excellent visualization of the retinal vasculature; however it is an invasive procedure requiring injection of(More)
Gabor wavelets (also known as Gabor filters) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) have been exploited extensively in the area of face recognition. In this paper, a face recognition system is developed combining features extracted using both Gabor wavelets and SVD. For Gabor wavelets, the extracted feature vectors are selected from only 12 out of 40 Gabor(More)
In this paper a subspace based technique is proposed for removal of additive white noise in images. The method is based on Time-Domain constrained (TDC) estimator in which the residual noise energy is kept below a threshold while minimizing the signal distortion. The denoising technique employed prewhitening method prior to the subspace filter which is(More)