Noraidah Sahari Ashaari

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Students sometimes find it hard to learn new programming languages. They often confront unfamiliar programming terms and are required to visualize the processes that happen in the computer memory. Weak students find this a burden and end up memorizing the processes without understanding them and their working. This situation invariably leads students to get(More)
Studies of medical image segmentation have long been done as a mean to distinguish object region from one to another for further image analysis. The segmentation of lung region in chest X-ray (CXR) based on object edge detection is one of the popular method applied. Early edge detection algorithms like Sobel, Prewitt and Laplacian have been used to segment(More)
Mobile government (m-Government) can be a powerful component of the e-Government in facilitating the delivery of more and better services to citizens. The government of Malaysia should pay attention to the new technologies and their impact on government agencies and citizens, and face up to the challenges and opportunities offered. It should also be(More)
Electronic Government (e-Government) is an initiative to deliver services to citizens, businesses and government agencies. It enables citizen to access information and government services by using the Internet and other computer resources. Its implementation has improved the efficiency of governance and government services in Malaysia. However, studies have(More)
This study examines the factors that influence instructors' acceptance and use of the Distance Learning Management System (DLMS) and tests the applicability of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), in the context of distance learning practices in higher education. A survey was conducted to higher education instructors who involved in distance learning(More)
Dengue fever is prevalent in Malaysia with numerous cases including mortality recorded over the years. Public education on the prevention of the desease through various means has been carried out besides the enforcement of legal means to eradicate Aedes mosquitoes, the dengue vector breeding ground. Hence, other means need to be explored, such as predicting(More)
Alternative method to reduce dependency on instructors in teaching and learning traditional crafts will be greatly benefited from electronic learning practices. In order to make sure the courseware for teaching and learning traditional craft is applicable, effective and support teaching and learning pedagogy, a model for courseware development of teaching(More)
Handling thousands of papers can be a tiring work especially for the researchers. Hence, bibliographic software was created in order to help researchers organise manage, and annotate their references digitally. Vast amounts of research on bibliographic software have been conducted, especially in database or information retrieval but there is a lack of(More)
E-learning is now viewed as an effective, efficient, and persuasive medium for working adult learners. Nevertheless, even though e-learning has been widely accepted among working adults, engaging their users has become a challenge to the e-learning provider. Adult learner had their own characteristic and principal in learning. Focusing on the development of(More)