Noraida Abdul Ghani

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This paper is a study on the interaction patterns of distance learners enrolled in the Mathematics and Physics programmes of Universiti Sains Malaysia in the videoconferencing learning environment (VCLE). Interaction patterns are analysed in six randomly chosen videoconferencing sessions within one academic year. The findings show there are more(More)
M/G/C/C state dependent queuing networks consider service rates as a function of the number of residing entities (e.g., pedestrians, vehicles, and products). However, modeling such dynamic rates is not supported in modern Discrete Simulation System (DES) software. We designed an approach to cater this limitation and used it to construct the M/G/C/C(More)
This article reports on the study undertaken to elucidate the pattern of interactions in the video conferencing learning environment (VCLE) used as a course delivery mechanism in distance learning. The study involved transcribing the recorded course delivery sessions conducted in the VCLE for three undergraduate physics courses. The model of interaction(More)
In this paper, we use an M/G/C/C state dependent queuing model within a complex network topology to determine the different performance measures for pedestrian traffic flow. The occupants in this network topology need to go through some source corridors, from which they can choose their suitable exiting corridors. The performance measures were calculated(More)
The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a recognised modern approach to solve decision making problems. Initially introduced by Saaty in 1971 as a tool for handling individual decision making situation, the method has since been extended to incorporate groups. In this paper, a new method for AHP group decision making is proposed. The method integrates AHP(More)
Healthcare organizations need to overcome nurses’ shortage issue by reviewing the current workload measurement system. Many workload measurement systems have been developed to meet patient care needs in specified areas. This paper provides an overview of the workload measurement systems and its application. A model to balance nurses’ workload in Neonatal(More)
The concept of Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) is containing multimedia or computer based instruction components that improves human performance by providing process simplification, performance information and decision support system. EPSS has become a hot topic for organizational development, human resources, performance technology, training,(More)