Noraica Davila

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Vector-matrix multiplication dominates the computation time and energy for many workloads, particularly neural network algorithms and linear transforms (e.g, the Discrete Fourier Transform). Utilizing the natural current accumulation feature of memristor crossbar, we developed the Dot-Product Engine (DPE) as a high density, high power efficiency accelerator(More)
We analyzed micrometer-scale titanium-niobium-oxide prototype memristors, which exhibited low write-power (<3 μW) and energy (<200 fJ per bit per μm2), low read-power (∼nW), and high endurance (>millions of cycles). To understand their physico-chemical operating mechanisms, we performed in operando synchrotron X-ray transmission nanoscale spectromicroscopy(More)
Beyond use as high density non-volatile memories, memristors have potential as synaptic components of neuromorphic systems. We investigated the suitability of tantalum oxide (TaOx) transistor-memristor (1T1R) arrays for such applications, particularly the ability to accurately, repeatedly, and rapidly reach arbitrary conductance states. Programming is(More)
0167-9317/$ see front matter 2011 Elsevier B.V. A doi:10.1016/j.mee.2011.08.004 ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +1 517 432 2130. E-mail address: (N. Sepúlved This paper reports a multiple-state micro-mechanical memory. The tip displacements of a 350 lm long VO2-coated micro-mechanical silicon cantilever were programmed to absolute(More)
Transition-metal-oxide memristors, or resistive random-access memory (RRAM) switches, are under intense development for storage-class memory because of their favorable operating power, endurance, speed, and density. Their commercial deployment critically depends on predictive compact models based on understanding nanoscale physicochemical forces, which(More)
Negative differential resistance behavior in oxide memristors, especially those using NbO2, is gaining renewed interest because of its potential utility in neuromorphic computing. However, there has been a decade-long controversy over whether the negative differential resistance is caused by a relatively low-temperature non-linear transport mechanism or a(More)
We propose and demonstrate a novel physical computing paradigm based on an engineered unipolar memristor that exhibits symmetric SET switching with respect to voltage polarity. A one-dimensional array of these devices was sufficient to demonstrate an efficient Hamming distance comparator for two strings of analog states represented by voltages from the(More)
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