Norah Naor

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A preterm infant with a rare association of a multicentric hepatic hemangioendothelioma (MHH) and a large brain hemangioma is described. The imaging investigations and their findings are discussed. It is recommended that whole-body radionuclide imaging with99mTc-labeled red blood cells is employed immediately following ultrasonography to confirm the(More)
Bradycardia, an extremely rare side-effect of ranitidine therapy is described in a 4-day-old full-term male neonate, who was admitted because of massive gastro-intestinal bleeding. Two hours after the intravenous injection of 1 mg/kg body weight per day, ECG showed sinus bradycardia of 60 beats/min with normal axis and QRS complex.The bradycardia gradually(More)
Eighty pregnant women and their newborn infants were studied for the presence of group B Beta hemolytic streptococci (G.B.S.). G.B.S. were recovered from endocervical cultures in 5 (6.5%) women and 2 (2.5%) had positive throat cultures. Six (7.5%) infants had umbilical and external ear cultures positive for G.B.S. Four infants presented with clinical signs(More)
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