Norah Md Noor

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The problem of handwritten character recognition is made more difficult by the fact that scanned, isolated characters are rotated or slanted in either direction and by a variable amount. This paper provides a possible solution to the problem of character rotation in the offline recognition of isolated handwritten English alphabets. The proposal involves(More)
Many research studies have shown that using video as an instructional material in class has a positive impact on the students. However, it is still an open question as to whether learning using video works with all type of students and as to who actually gains more than other types of students when learning using video. Chen, Czerwinski, and Macredie found(More)
This study identified the pedagogical and and ragogical learning orientations preferred by non-major Computer Science students in one of the higher education institutions in Malaysia. The pedagogical and and ragogical learning orientation model differs in six assumptions about learners, which are: the learner's need to know, self concept, existing(More)
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