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Oxaliplatin is a platinum salt that is particularly effective in treating gastrointestinal tumours. Its increased use has resulted in emergence of allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock. Allergic reactions to oxaliplatin documented over the last 5 years have been analysed using predefined criteria. The 42 analysed patients had cancer and received(More)
1108 Objectives: To evaluate efficacy and safety of SEGEMOX regimen for previously A and T pre-treated MBC patients. METHODS Forty-five women with MBC not eligible for A and/or T chemotherapy were enrolled on SEGEMOX study. SEGEMOX was delivered as follows: Gemcitabine was given at 1000 mg/m2/100min on day 1, followed by oxaliplatin at 100 mg/m2/120min iv(More)
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