Nora Tischler

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In this Letter, we show that the electromagnetic duality symmetry, broken in the microscopic Maxwell's equations by the presence of charges, can be restored for the macroscopic Maxwell's equations. The restoration of this symmetry is shown to be independent of the geometry of the problem. These results provide a tool for the study of light-matter(More)
Two conditions on symmetries are identified as necessary for a linear scattering system to be able to rotate the linear polarization of light: Lack of at least one mirror plane of symmetry and electromagnetic duality symmetry. Duality symmetry is equivalent to the conservation of the helicity of light in the same way that rotational symmetry is equivalent(More)
In this work we present a simple method to reconstruct the complex spectral wave function of a biphoton, and hence gain complete information about the spectral and temporal properties of a photon pair. The technique, which relies on quantum interference, is applicable to biphoton states produced with a monochromatic pump when a shift of the pump frequency(More)
We present the complete radiation diagram of the field scattered by a nanohole in a metallic film under Gaussian illumination. A modal expansion of the Green's Tensor for a planar multilayered structure allows us to semi-analytically obtain the radiation diagram of the field scattered by an arbitrary dielectric perturbation present in the structure. Given(More)
The phenomenon of molecular optical activity manifests itself as the rotation of the plane of linear polarization when light passes through chiral media. Measurements of optical activity and its wavelength dependence, that is, optical rotatory dispersion, can reveal information about intricate properties of molecules, such as the three-dimensional(More)
The progress in quantum information theory and the advances in the manipulation and control of quantum systems promise the advent of an era where quantum technologies will significantly change the fields of communication, computation and sensors. Even though some of these new technologies have already been successfully implemented, such as quantum key(More)
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