Nora Moumjid-Ferdjaoui

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Shared decision making is now making inroads in health care professionals' continuing education curriculum, but there is no consensus on what core competencies are required by clinicians for effectively involving patients in health-related decisions. Ready-made programs for training clinicians in shared decision making are in high demand, but existing(More)
The aim of this study on shared decision-making in the doctor-patient encounter about surgical treatment for early-stage breast cancer, conducted in a regional cancer centre in France, was to further the understanding of patient perceptions on shared decision-making. The study used methodological triangulation to collect data (both quantitative and(More)
Over recent years, communication within the physician-patient relationship has been profoundly changing. New modes of conveying diagnostic and therapeutic information influence the way in which decisions regarding treatment are made. We propose a critical review of the various theoretical models as presented in the literature, from the paternalistic to the(More)
In developed countries, the physician-patient relationship is moving from a paternalistic model to new decision-making models that take patient preferences into account. OBJECTIVES: Our aim was to develop a Decision Board (DB) and to test its acceptability in a French Regional Cancer Centre regarding the decision on whether or not to use chemotherapy after(More)
BACKGROUND Decision boards are used to transfer information from physicians to patients to help them participate in the clinical decision-making process. We present the tests and results of the psychometric properties of a decision board in a sample of healthy volunteers. METHODS In the Regional Cancer Centre located in Lyon, we developed a decision board(More)
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