Nora Morales Zaragoza

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This work describes a computer model that generates visual narratives. It is part of a research project on narrative generation. A visual narrative is defined as a sequence of pictorial-scenes; each scene contains characters, locations and symbols representing dramatic tensions. A computer generated plot is transformed into a visual narrative by converting(More)
This paper introduces e-Motion, a software system for the creation of animatics, which are important tools within the process of creation of animated graphics for TV. This type of animation, generated by the system from plots in plain text, allows production teams to envision how a final motion graphics piece can be developed. We argue that our system plays(More)
In this paper we introduce and discuss the apprentice framework, which we speculate can be used to plan and evaluate computational creativity projects. The framework defines a sequence of phases a system must follow in order to reach a level of creativity acceptable to a set of human judges. It also establishes four aspects of a creative piece susceptible(More)
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