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SUMMARY The prevalence of nutrition related diseases increased exponentially during the last decades. Risk factors are acquired early in life. Preventive measures include a longer duration of breast-feeding and measures of prevention and health promotion early in childhood. These measures should be undertaken by all persons having influence on the(More)
The demand of giving public account of research activities is met by German Public Health research by the compilation of empirical research data into so called Public Use Files and Public Documentation Files. Since research designs and deriving data sets in Public Health research can be described as heterogeneous as well as they frequently contain sensible(More)
The German Market for Health Care Insurance has undergone significant changes since the introduction of a free choice of statutory health insurance providers in 1996. Since then, some providers have lost more than 10% of their customers, while some have more than tripled their customer base. Among many factors which led to this rapid change, the difference(More)
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