Nora I. Schneider

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Mucin glycoprotein expression can be altered during the carcinogenic process. The impact on the prognosis of patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) is controversial. We analyzed tumors from 381 patients for MUC1, MUC2, MUC5AC, and MUC6 expression by immunohistochemical staining, using tissue microarrays. Progression-free and cancer-specific survival were(More)
In patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), histology is generally believed to be a tool of limited diagnostic value. Our study aimed to assess the prevalence of microscopic esophageal lesions as defined by the Esohisto consensus guidelines, which have proven high interobserver agreement in previous studies. In the prospective Central European(More)
Tumor staging according to the American Joint Committee on Cancer/Union for International Cancer Control tumor, node, metastasis (TNM) system is currently regarded as the standard for staging of patients with colorectal cancer. This system provides the strongest prognostic information for patients with early stage disease and those with advanced disease.(More)
Surgical resection is the treatment of choice for patients with locally confined disease, but early cancers may be adequately treated by endoscopic resection alone. In advanced colorectal cancers, accurate staging including pathological lymph node assessment is crucial for patient counselling and decision making. In addition to the extent of surgical lymph(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the prognostic significance of lymphatic invasion in colorectal cancers that have already spread to regional lymph nodes. 168 patients with node-positive tumours (colon, n=98; rectum, n=70) were retrospectively evaluated. Lymphatic invasion was assessed on H&E stained slides and univariable and multivariable analyses were(More)
Pancreatic acinar cells are a well-recognized finding at the gastroesophageal junction, but their histogenesis and biological significance are unclear. From the prospective Central European multicenter histoGERD trial, we recruited 1,071 individuals undergoing gastroscopy for various non-selected reasons. Biopsy material was systematically sampled from the(More)
Multilayered epithelium is defined as hybrid epithelium with characteristics of both squamous and columnar epithelia. Our aim was to evaluate the clinicopathological significance of the lesion by relating its presence to various histological and clinical and/or endoscopic features indicating gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). A total of 1,071(More)
AIMS The origin and significance of cardiac mucosa at the gastro-oesophageal junction are controversial. In the prospective Central European multicentre histoGERD trial, we aimed to assess the prevalence of cardiac mucosa, characterized by the presence of glands composed of mucous cells without parietal cells, and to relate its presence to features related(More)
Dear Editor, Adenocarcinomas commonly show extracellular mucin deposits, which, e.g., in breast cancer, may undergo secondary degenerative changes such as calcification. Psammoma bodies representing lamellated calcifications are a common morphologic feature of papillary carcinoma of the thyroid, serous adenocarcinoma of the ovary, and meningiomas. A(More)