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E-story and writing skill among second language learners
The study focused on the use of e-story and writing skill among the second language Korean learners. Expand
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Understanding the Choices of Terms of Address: A Sociolinguistic Study of Malay Cultural Practices
This paper investigates the choices of second person terms of address in the Malay culture. It examines the different patterns of address terms used in a range of communicative situations byExpand
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Penggunaan Kata Ganti Nama Formal dan Tidak Formal dalam Teks Iklan Bercetak Berbahasa Sepanyol
Teks iklan boleh digunakan sebagai salah satu sumber representasi budaya dalam sesebuah masyarakat. Oleh itu, 30 teks iklan bercetak berbahasa Sepanyol telah dikaji untuk mengenalpasti penggunaanExpand
Percampuran kod sebagai strategi penyampaian mesej dalam wacana iklan berbahasa Sepanyol
Abstract This paper examines the phenomenon of mixed code in the header or slogan in contemporary commercial advertising printed in Spanish-language publication in summer 2014. The study included 50Expand
Relationship between Belief Factors with the Teenagers’ Acceptance of the Newspapers
Newspaper contains abundance of information which enables to enhance the teenagers’ knowledge. Nevertheless, in the current situation, the teenagers’ acceptance of newspaper is declining due to theExpand
Wacana cerita rakyat Melayu dalam kalangan pelajar Korea
Abstract This study focused on students' perceptions on Malay folklore. The objective of the study is to identify and discuss the students' perceptions on Malay folklore. The sample consisted of 20Expand
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A Descriptive Analysis of Intercultural Content of the EFL Textbooks Used in the Intermediate Schools in Iraq
Integrating culture in ELT, particularly in EFL textbooks, has recently gained greater importance and attention based on both the sociocultural theory that portraits learning as a social action, andExpand
Misselection errors in Malay writing among French students
This study aims to analyse misselection errors made by French students in their learning Malay as a foreign language with regard to the writing skills. The study utilized quantitative and qualitativeExpand
Addressing family members in Malay: a pilot study of young adults
Appropriate use of address is an important part of successful communication in all languages. In English the pronoun ‘you’ is the only form available in non-vocative address, e.g. ‘How are you?’ InExpand