Nor Muzakkir Nor Ayob

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Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT), which is also known as Electromagnetic Tomography (EMT) or Mutual Inductance Tomography, is among the imaging modalities of interest to many researchers around the world. This noninvasive modality applies an electromagnetic field and is sensitive to all three passive electromagnetic properties of a material that are(More)
Conductive rubber material has been widely investigated as a sensor and transducer material due to its high piezoresistive, conductive properties. In this paper, we report on a flexible tactile sensor which is based on conductive rubber filled with carbon black. Firstly, a physical model related linear elasticity mechanics and franklinic analogue method is(More)
The development of an ultrasonic transmission tomography system is described. The system is intended for the imaging of two component flows (such as gas/water) inside pipes of industrial processes. Transmission-mode approach has been used for sensing the gas/liquid two-phase flow, which is a kind of strongly inhomogeneous medium. A prototype fixture of(More)
Combining Ultrasonic Transmission Tomography (UTT) with the cross-correlation flow measurement technique can provide more information on the flow than usual. A simulated dual-plane UTT system for use on laboratory and plant-scale process equipment has been developed on the basis of this idea. This paper focuses on the correlator used to cross-correlate the(More)
This paper presents the development of an ultrasonic transmission-mode tomography system for the detection of small gas bubble using higher frequency ultrasonic sensors. The selection of the sensors is important and must be suitable to the application design. Consideration on the natural limitation of ultrasonic wave is also noted as the higher the(More)
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