Nor Hafizah Ngajikin

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A novel low cost and simple temperature sensor based on multimode interference (MMI) is formed by a successive singlemode fiber (SMF)-bent multimode fiber (MMF)-SMF structure. Due to the small curvature radius of bent MMF section mimicking a balloon shape, MMI effect from the core is spreading into coating. The high temperature sensitivity is mainly due to(More)
Fiber tip lens technology has been employed to reduce coupling loss in fiber to Micro Fabry Perot Multiplexer (FP MUX) and fiber to Micro Fabry Perot Demultiplexer (FP DEMUX) connection. The convex type of fiber tip lens is proposed for FP MUX coupling connection while the concave type of fiber tip lens for FP DEMUX coupling connection. Finite Difference(More)
The effect of inlet radius of a transmission type optical gas cell on its response time is reported. Six gas cells of varying lengths, and internal radius of 0.32cm were considered at first and then other internal diameters were also investigated afterwards. The effect of inlet radius is easily discernible at all velocities considered; however it is more(More)
The use of optical retro-reflectors in improving the sensitivity and response time of an optical sensor based on optical absorption spectroscopy for the measurement of ozone gas is presented. Two optical retro-reflectors are employed in the design of a 30cm and 20 cm absorption gas cells. Our analysis shows that, in the 30cm gas cell, a sensitivity of(More)
Laboratory design of an ozone concentration regulator which is build on the theory of continuity equation for gas flow in parallel pipes in conjunction with the ozone elimination potentials of an ozone destructor is presented. At an initial oxygen flow rate of 33.33 cms, ozone concentration was generated and varied between 429.30 parts per million (ppm) to(More)
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