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This paper presents microstrip-fed slot antenna with rectangular-shaped tuning stub for WLAN application. The characteristics of antenna are proposed and analyzed for instance return loss, bandwidth, and far field radiation patterns. The measured results of the impedance matching for the proposed antenna show the impedance bandwidth, determined by -10 dB(More)
The coplanar waveguide fed slot antenna with inset tuning stub is proposed for WLAN and WiMAX applications. This antenna consists of a rectangular patch element embedded with a tuning stub fed by CPW feed line. The antenna is designed for match impedance with 50 ohm of characteristic impedance of transmission line by using inset tuning stub for wideband(More)
This paper present an inversed e-shape slot antenna for wireless LAN applications. The antenna is designed for dual frequency band 2.38-2.5 GHz and 4.8-6.16 GHz of resonance frequency 2.44 GHz and 5.68 GHz, respectively, which can support WLAN applications coverage IEEE 802.11b/g (2.4 -2.4835 GHz), IEEE 802.11j (4.90-5.091 GHz), IEEE 802.11a (5.15-5.35(More)
This paper presents the slot antenna fed by microstrip line with inset U-strip for dual frequency operates in WLAN applications. The rectangular slot antenna is proposed for comparison between with and without U-strip in slot antenna by using three configurations of slot antenna. This antenna is designed for dual frequency used in WLAN system coverage IEEE(More)
This paper presents a coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed rectangular slot antenna with tuning stub and π-strip for WLAN and WiMAX (2–6 GHz) applications. Simulation results show that the impedance matching for the proposed antenna depends on the location of the tuning stub and π-strip, and the impedance bandwidth is mainly determined by the(More)
In this paper, the design consideration for right-hand (clockwise) and left-hand (counterclockwise) circularly polarized microstrip slot antennas are presented. The circularly polarized antenna consists of two right angle slot antennas that is two orthogonal modes in phase quadrature or an array of linearly polarized slot with proper orientations and(More)
A CPW antenna is designed at resonant frequency 2.3 GHz on low cost FR4 substrate by using simulation software. The simple rectangular slot loop antenna fed by coplanar waveguide is referred as a prototype antenna to show the designed technique for bandwidth enhancement. To enhance the first band, the rectangular slot is extended from the top of slot loop(More)
Technology has been developing day by day where satellite communication has become daily part of our life. As the technological devices are getting smaller demand for multiband operating antennas are growing faster to the consumers. This paper represents an E shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for multiband operations in Ku band. The design has been made on(More)