Nooshin Kiarashi

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— This paper describes a novel approach to decentralized online optimization in a large network of agents. At each stage, the agents face a new objective function that reflects the effects of a changing environment, and each agent can share information pertaining to past decisions and cost functions only with his neighbors. These operating conditions arise(More)
Mammography is currently the most widely utilized tool for detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. However, in women with dense breast tissue, tissue overlap may obscure lesions. Digital breast tomosynthesis can reduce tissue overlap. Furthermore, imaging with contrast enhancement can provide additional functional information about lesions, such as(More)
PURPOSE In medical imaging systems, proper rendition of anatomy is essential in discerning normal tissue from disease. Currently, digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) systems are evaluated using subjective evaluation of lesion visibility in uniform phantoms. This study involved the development of a new methodology to objectively measure the rendition of a 3D(More)
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