Noorrezam Yusop

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Within the era of globalisation that acknowledges differences and diversity, multiple languages have been increasingly used to capture requirements. This practice is particularly prevalent in Malaysia, where both Malay and English languages are used as a media of communication. Nevertheless, capturing requirements in multiple languages is often error-prone(More)
Flexible manipulator (FM) is a robotic arm that can accomplish different tasks and the arm is a lightweight type, which means at least one dimension of their cross section is relatively small compared to their length. This project presents the development of direct strain feedback (DSFB) with PID controller for vibration control of a FM system. Strain gauge(More)
In this paper, a hybrid of Boyer Moore and Rule Based System are introduced for library book information on mobile application. A hybrid approach is employed as solution to replace the Digital Resource, Web based Software System and Catalogue. Quick Response (QR) Code is an improvement to replace the barcode and it can access any sensor on mobile(More)
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