Noorhayati Mohamed Noor

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This paper presents the parallel multicore Sobel edge algorithm which parallelizes the traditional sequential Sobel edge detection algorithm on a parallel multicore platform. The current advancement of multicore architecture can be utilized by the parallel programming paradigm when focuses on the thread operations. The CPUs/cores provide more processing(More)
This paper introduces the Gaussian shaped membership function to refine the Rule Based Fuzzy (RBF) image detection. It is expected that the proposed algorithm Gaussian Rule Based Fuzzy (GRBF) method can further refined the detection of periosteal and endosteal edges of hand phantom radiographs. The experimental data consists of four sets of hand phantom(More)
Cup to disc ratio (CDR) is very important indicators in glaucoma detection. This paper proposes a method for glaucoma detection using digital fundus images with color multi-thresholding segmentation. The objective of this paper is to segment the optic cup and optic disc using color multi-thresholding segmentation and extracted feature such as cup to disc(More)
This paper presents the enhancement capability of adaptive histogram equalization (AHE) on the soft tissue lateral neck radiograph for suspected fish bone ingestion. Embedded fish bone lodge in the throat is not easily visible in unprocessed plain radiograph. Serious complication may cause perforation of the lodged and inflammation that can progress to(More)
This paper presents the performance evaluation between IPv4 and IPv6 with Linux MPLS tunnel. MPLS Linux tunneling is used to transport IPv6 data stream over IPv4 network for interoperable IPv4 and IPv6 deployment. The performance metrics such as jitter, datagram/packet loss and bandwidth were measured in both TCP and UPD traffic flow. The experiment(More)
Cyber attack comes in various approach and forms, either internally or externally. Remote access and spyware are forms of cyber attack leaving an organization to be susceptible to vulnerability. This paper investigates illegal activities and potential evidence of cyber attack through studying the registry on the Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit) Operating(More)
Glaucoma diagnosis involves extracting three features of the fundus image; optic cup, optic disc and vernacular. Present manual diagnosis is expensive, tedious and time consuming. A number of researches have been conducted to automate this process. However, the variability between the diagnostic capability of an automated system and ophthalmologist has yet(More)
Spyware is considered as a great threat to confidentiality that it can cause loss of control over private data for computer users. This kind of threat might select some data and send it to another third party without the consent of the user. Spyware detection techniques have been presented traditionally by three approaches; signature, behavior and(More)