Noordin Ahmad

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The process of land use change and urban sprawl has been considered as a prominent characteristic of urban development. This study aims to investigate urban growth process in Bandar Abbas city, Iran, focusing on urban sprawl and land use change during 1956-2012. To calculate urban sprawl and land use changes, aerial photos and satellite images are utilized(More)
Developing more accurate and efficient registration models for satellite images is important for remote sensing and GIS applications. Near-equatorial satellite image bands differ in viewing points, altitude, illumination, and satellite zenith, azimuth, and attitude. This study presents a comparison of band-to-band registration of near-equatorial satellite(More)
A Best Band Selection Index (BBSI) algorithm to select the best band combination for image visualization and classification of high spectral resolution remotely sensed dataset was introduced in this paper. The BBSI is calculated by two components, one based on class mean (or cluster mean) difference and the other based on correlation coefficients. Using(More)
Segmentation The purpose of segmentation is to separate an image into regions corresponding to objects; i.e. to div image into regions, which are identifying common properties. Image regions are expected to have homog characteristics (e.g. grey level, or colour), which may indicate that they belong to the same object or face object. Mathematically,(More)
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