Noora Lindholm

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Does the prevalence of respiratory symptoms differ between regions? As a part of the European Community Respiratory Health Survey, we present data from an international questionnaire on asthma symptoms occurring during a 12 month period, smoking and symptoms of chronic bronchitis. The questionnaire was mailed to 10,800 persons aged 20-44 yrs living in three(More)
A new immunoassay system utilizing new automatic instrumentation, new software for evaluation of data, and reagents updated for increased speed and accuracy was evaluated. Six clinical studies included 894 consecutive patients. Major symptoms were rhinoconjunctivitis, asthma, atopic dermatitis, and urticaria. The prevalence of inhalant allergy was 54-69%.(More)
The purpose of this study was to estimate the risk of adult asthma in relation to certain occupational exposures. The study was designed as a case-control study in Göteborg, including 321 subjects with asthma, born between 1926 and 1970. Controls (n=1,459) were randomly selected from the same area from registers of the 1986 population. Questionnaire(More)
Studies have suggested that there is a higher prevalence of asthma in northern Sweden than in southern Sweden. Bronchial hyper-responsiveness (BHR) has been shown to be associated with asthma. The aim of this study was to explore the prevalence of bronchical hyper-responsiveness in different parts of Sweden. As part of the European Community Respiratory(More)
The aims of this part of the European Respiratory Health Survey were to estimate the prevalence of atopic sensitization to inhalant allergens among adults in three different areas of Sweden and to investigate the association between sensitization and certain risk factors. Randomly selected subjects aged 20-46 years from Göteborg, Uppsala, and Västerbotten(More)
Wild-type 1 poliovirus (wtPV1) strains were isolated from two young healthy brothers shortly after arrival in Finland from Somalia in 1993. Twelve (sibling A) and 18 (sibling B) specimens collected over a period of more than 6 months yielded wtPV1. Partial sequences obtained from the one and two earliest isolates from sibling A and B, respectively, were(More)
The objective of the study was to find predictors for work disability among adults with recent-onset asthma. The study was performed in a group of 332 subjects with recent-onset asthma. The predictors were ascertained by structured interviews, pulmonary function measurements, methacholine challenge tests and skin prick tests. Asthma severity was classified(More)
In order to determine the effects of adrenal corticosteroids on regional adipose tissue cellularity groups of age-matched women subjected to long-term treatment with adrenal corticosteroids due to bronchial asthma or rheumatoids due to bronchial asthma or rheumatoid arthritis were compared with control of women. A small group of women suffering from(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of the mortality outcome of asthma is limited to hospital case series follow-up. METHODS To provide estimates of the mortality and cause of death in patients with asthma comparison of observed and expected number of deaths in patients with asthma for the observation period 1962-1986 was made. The study group was 262 patients aged(More)