Noor-ul-Hassan Shirazi

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Cloud services are prominent within the private, public and commercial domains. Many of these services are expected to be always on and have a critical nature; therefore, security and resilience are increasingly important aspects. In order to remain resilient, a cloud needs to possess the ability to react not only to known threats, but also to new(More)
Virtualized cloud environments have emerged as a necessity within modern unified ICT infrastructures and have established themselves as a reliable backbone for numerous always-on services. `Live' intra-cloud virtual-machine (VM) migration is a widely used technique for efficient resource management employed within modern cloud infrastructures. Despite the(More)
Cloud computing is an increasingly popular platform for both industry and consumers. The cloud presents a number of unique security issues, such as a high level of distribution or system homogeneity, which require special consideration. In this paper we introduce a resilience architecture consisting of a collection of self-organising resilience managers(More)
Today’s communication networks are migrating from resource based networks to service based network. These services could include, for example, financial, trading and other corporate services. Failing of such services would have significant impact, therefore it is important to ensure the resilience of a service as attributed in Service Level Agreements. In(More)
Floating point arithmetic is widely used in many areas, especially scientific computation and signal processing. For many signal processing, and graphics applications, it is acceptable to trade off some accuracy (in the least significant bit positions) for faster and better implementations. However, most of these modern applications need higher frequency or(More)
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