Noor Yazdanie

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The burden of disease is borne by those who suffer as patients but also by society at large, including health service providers. That burden is felt most severely in parts of the world where there is no infrastructure, or foreseeable prospects of any, to change the status quo without external support. Poverty, disease and inequality pervade all the(More)
As with all maxillofacial prostheses, the management of large combined oral and facial prostheses require preoperative planning and cooperation between the surgeon, prosthodontist, and dental technician. Improvisation is particularly necessary during the early phases of treatment. Treatment objectives are to restore the skeletal defect, teeth, masticatory(More)
Forces exerted on the right and left lingual and buccal flanges of Kennedy Type I mandibular dentures were studied using an 8 channel recording technique, during resting, swallowing, talking, reading and simulated mastication. The effects of adaptation, head position and incremental thickening of the flanges were determined. Highest forces were recorded(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the knowledge of Life Support (LS) among doctors and to determine their ethical beliefs for the continuation or termination of Basic and Advanced Life Support services. METHODS This cross-sectional study was done from March to June 2009 that involved 110 doctors of three teaching Hospitals in Karachi (Jinnah Postgraduate Medical(More)
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