Noor Ul Amin

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The κ-Nearest Neighbors ( κNN) query is an important spatial query in mobile sensor networks. In this work we extend κNN to include a distance constraint, calling it a l-distant κ-nearest-neighbors (l-κNN) query, which finds the κ sensor nodes nearest to a query point that are also at or greater distance from each other. The query results indicate the(More)
Electronic voting system provides convenience and access to the electorate without the geographical restrictions. Mobile phone is one of the emerging technologies to perform e-voting with democratic norms and privacy concern. In this paper we suggest a mobile phone voting protocol based on hybrid cryptosystem. Protocol consists of three phases: online(More)
MANET is an independent and infrastructureless network comprising of self configurable mobile nodes connected via wireless links. MANET is susceptible to various attacks because of some loopholes present in MANET like dynamic topology, zero central administration, limited physical security etc. MANET is prone to numerous malicious attacks one such attack(More)
Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) has become imperative due to rapid advancement in medical technology. However, WBAN faces different security issues due to open air communication of information. In this paper, we have proposed a lightweight smart crypto solution using authenticated key exchange coupled with cluster head formation and selection for the(More)
Secure multicast communication has application in growing number of applications. Forward secrecy is of prime importance and insures message con…dentiality even long-term private key compromised. We present an e¢ cient construction of multi message multi receiver signcryption with forward secrecy on elliptic curves. It provides con…dentiality, integrity,(More)
Heterogeneous information networks (HIN) contain abundant of information about entities i.e. people, places, organizations, and events etc. with their relationship. Extracting interesting information from such underlying networks is important in real world which essence can be related to subgraph search problem. Previous approaches focuses only on(More)