Noor Nahar

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The inner sublayer (P-layer) of the circular muscle coat in the canine proximal colon has been known to produce spontaneous mechanical contractions associated with characteristic electrical activities called slow waves. We recorded the mechanical activities of tissue preparations from this P-layer. Normal Krebs solution (K+; 6 mM) was used as the perfusate.(More)
Previously, we reported a chromium-resistant bacterium, Enterobacter cloacae B2-DHA, isolated from the landfills of tannery industries in Bangladesh. Here, we investigated its genetic composition using massively parallel sequencing and comparative analysis with other known Enterobacter genomes. Assembly of the sequencing reads revealed a genome of ~4.21 Mb(More)
Rice growing regions plagued by arsenic-contaminated soils and irrigation water do not have a viable option for producing arsenic-free crops. For instance, in Bangladesh every year more than 30 million people are affected from rice-derived arsenic contamination that contributes to arsenic levels known to cause health-related illnesses. Our strategy is to(More)
Effects of Substance P on spontaneous contractions of the circular muscle of the flexure region of guinea pig colon were studied by mechanical tension recording. Substance P (3 nM-10 nM) produced tonic contraction associated with phasic activities but the contraction was found stronger at higher concentration. Verapamil (3 microM), a voltage dependent(More)
The actions of caffeine and ryanodine on the spontaneous rhythmic activities in the guinea-pig colon were studied by mechanical tension recording. Caffeine reduced the amplitude of the spontaneous rhythmic activity at low concentration (0.3 mM-1 mM). At high concentration (3-10 mM), it induced a phasic transient contraction. The spontaneous rhythmic(More)
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