Noor Mohammad Danesh

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Monitoring of myoglobin (Mb) in human blood serum is highly in demand for early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Here, a novel electrochemical aptasensor was developed for(More)
Cocaine is one of the most commonly misused stimulant which could influence the central nervous system. In this study, a fluorescent aptamer-based sensor (aptasensor) was designed for sensitive and(More)
Lead (Pb), as a major environmental contaminant, could be harmful to humans when inhaled or ingested. In this study, we developed a sensitive, selective and fast colorimetric aptasensor for Pb(+2)(More)
In this study, a novel chemotherapy drug-free DNA nanocomplex composed of three therapeutic aptamers (IDA, AS1411 and apMNK2F) was designed for treatment of cancer cells. For MTT assay, PC-3 and 4T1(More)