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—We present new outer bounds to the individual rates and the conditions under which these bounds become tight for the symmetric Gaussian cog-nitive radio (CR) channel in the low interference gain regime. The CR transmitter is assumed to use dirty paper coding while deriving the outer bounds. The capacity of the CR channel in the low interference scenario is(More)
Wired-cum-wireless networks are interconnected through proxy or gateway that acts as router and also caters for link MTU mismatch between the two networks. In IPv6 based networks, TCP is mandatory for bulk data transfer from wired to wireless host. This results in end-to-end TCP session through the default proxy. The single proxy supporting a large number(More)
Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Lines upstream transmission suffers from strong far end crosstalk (FEXT) by the shortest lines in a multiuser communication environment. This problem called “Near-Far Effect” drastically reduces the upstream capacity on the longer lines. Power control algorithms effectively handle this problem and maximize(More)
This paper assesses VoIP quality over the Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE) backbone between major cities of Pakistan. Passive measurements for voice calls in the presence of background Internet data traffic for different speech codecs such as the ITU-T G.711, G.723.1 and G.729 were carried out. Interpacket delay and jitter were measured over the PIE IP/ATM(More)
This paper derives the utility of recursion based adaptive algorithm for the cancellation of interference in open space in a noisy environment. Several parameters of interest like polarization, transmitter power, noise profile, filter characteristics and sampling rate are contemplated. We test the proficiency and ability of recursive least square (RLS)(More)
In this paper we present the impact of femtocell underlay deployment sharing same radio frequency resources with urban macro-cell in terms of throughput performance of enodeBs in the presence of inter cell interference that a femto base station environment adds to users served by enodeBs and vice versa. The performance of the two systems, one with femto(More)
For Electromagnetic compatibility, radiation emission measurements are to date carried out in frequency domain in accordance with applicable emission measurement CISPR and ANSI standards, using a conventional heterodyne receiver. This paper discusses and summarizes the theory, setup, and algorithms in time domain, as well as the practical aspects of pre and(More)
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