Noor Khafifah Khalid

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Image difference operation is frequently used in automated printed circuit board (PCB) inspection system as well as in many other image processing applications. During the implementation, this operation brings along the unwanted noise due to misalignment and uneven binarization. Thus, this paper proposes a method to eliminate, if possible, or to reduce as(More)
Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) has certain unique properties such as selfassembly and self-complementary in hybridization, which are important in many DNA-based technologies. DNA computing, for example, uses these properties to realize a computation, in vitro, which consists of several chemical reactions. Other DNA-based technologies such as DNAbased(More)
In DNA based computation and DNA nanotechnology, the design of good DNA sequences has turned out to be an elementary problem and one of the most practical and important research topics. Although the design of DNA sequences is dependent on the protocol of biological experiments, it is highly required to establish a method for the systematic design of DNA(More)
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