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Ziel: Die Diagnose einer CRMO wird häufig erst nach einer längeren Anamnese gestellt. Wir werteten Ganzkörper-MRT (GK-MRT) hinsichtlich typischer Muster des Knochenbefalls aus und beurteilten deren potentiellen Beitrag zu einer schnelleren Diagnosestellung. Material und Methoden: GK-MRT (1,5 T, coronare STIR-Sequenzen) bei 53 Kindern und Adoleszenten(More)
  • N Heim
  • Archives of sexual behavior
  • 1981
Data are reported on the sexual behavior of 39 released sex offenders who agreed voluntarily to surgical castration while imprisoned in West Germany. Findings indicated that frequency of coitus, masturbation, and sexual thoughts are seen as strongly reduced after castration. Sexual desire and sexual arousability are perceived by the subjects as having been(More)
The authors aimed to explore optimal cutoffs for high-risk waist circumference (WC) in older adults to assess the health risks of obesity. Prospective data from 4,996 measurements in 2,232 participants aged ≥70 years were collected during 5 triennial measurement cycles (1992/1993-2005/2006) of a population-based cohort study, the Longitudinal Aging Study(More)
Cross-sectional studies suggest an association between BMI and pain. This prospective study investigated the associations of measured BMI and waist circumference with prevalent and incident pain in older adults. The study included participants of the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam, aged 55-85 years at baseline (1992-1993). Pain was assessed using a(More)
The recent European literature on surgical castration in treatment of sex offenders is reviewed. Results are reported of the most important empirical studies conducted in this field of sex research in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and Denmark. Methodological problems of follow-up studies on castrates as well as the subject of castration as treatment for sex(More)
BACKGROUND There is an ongoing debate about the applicability of current criteria for large waist circumference (WC) in older adults. OBJECTIVES Our aim was to explore cut-off values for large WC in adults aged 70 years and older, using previously used and new methods. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. PARTICIPANTS Data of 1049 participants of the(More)
BACKGROUND Screening for frailty might help to prevent adverse outcomes in hospitalised older adults. OBJECTIVE To identify the most predictive and efficient screening tool for frailty. DESIGN AND SETTING Two consecutive observational prospective cohorts in four hospitals in the Netherlands. SUBJECTS Patients aged ≥70 years, electively or acutely(More)
BACKGROUND Older people frequently attend the emergency department (ED) and have a high risk of poor outcome as compared to their younger counterparts. Our aim was to study routinely collected clinical parameters as predictors of 90-day mortality in older patients attending our ED. METHODS We conducted a retrospective follow-up study at the Leiden(More)
BACKGROUND fragmented healthcare systems are poorly suited to treat the increasing number of older patients with multimorbidity. OBJECTIVE to report on the development, implementation and evaluation of a regional transitional care programme, aimed at improving the recovery rate of frail hospitalised older patients. METHODS the programme was drafted in(More)