Noor Hayatee Abdul Hamid

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This paper presents an evaluation conducted between human stress questionnaires with EEG Power Spectrum of Beta and Alpha band. Cohen's Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) was used as stress questionnaires to evaluate human stress. The EEG recording of 13 volunteers were carried out immediately after them answering the stress questionnaires. The scores from the(More)
This paper presents the combination of electroencephalogram (EEG) power spectrum ratio and Spectral Centroids techniques to extract unique features for human stress from EEG signals. The combination of these techniques was able to improve the k-NN (k-Nearest Neighbor) clasifier accuracy to detect and classify human stress from two cognitive states,(More)
This paper presents the comparison of performances between a PID temperature controller and a conventional on-off temperature controller for home-applied refrigerator. A new PID temperature controller was designed to replace the conventional on-off temperature controller to maintain the inner temperature of a refrigerator. Both temperature controllers of(More)
Several studies had shown that frontal alpha-asymmetry is closely related to emotions and motivation. The present study is to investigate the frontal alpha asymmetry during listening to the therapy musical piece. Electroencephalograph (EEG) was used to investigate the emotions states of relax, tense, sad or not focus. 10 participants were involved in this(More)
This paper presents a results of designing an intelligent system to evaluate human stress level using Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals and Psychoanalysis tests. The questionnaires for Psychoanalysis tests were created based on Cohen's Perceived Stress Scale (PSS). EEG signals were captured using wireless EEG equipment. The Graphical User Interface (GUI)(More)
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