Noor G Kornet

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Using a comparative genomics approach, a copper resistance gene cluster has been identified in multiple archaeal genomes. The cop cluster is predicted to encode a metallochaperone (CopM), a P-type copper-exporting ATPase (CopA) and a novel, archaea-specific transcriptional regulator (CopT) which might control the expression of the cop genes. Sequence(More)
This poster presentation describes some possible scenarios illustrating the interaction between digital TV receivers and home networks. These scenarios are based on free implementations of open interactive digital TV (iDTV) platforms (DASE and MHP) and home network platforms (OSGi). A brief comparison of some available platform implementations is given in(More)
The paper proposes a framework that extends existing interactive DTV platforms. This framework allows DTV applications to interact with consumer electronic devices in a home network in a manner which is independent of the types of devices or the underlying home networking technologies.
Extensions to interactive digital TV (iDTV) platforms enabling interaction of iDTV applications with devices in the home network may create additional value for consumers. Recently, CableLabs has issued a specification for an OCAP Home Networking Extension that describes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable sharing of content between OCAP(More)
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