Noor Azuan Abu Osman

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PURPOSE To identify the effect of additional elastic force on the kinetic and kinematic characteristics, as well as the magnitude of leg stiffness, during the performance of accentuated countermovement jumps (CMJs). METHODS Fifteen trained male subjects performed 3 types of CMJ including free CMJ (FCMJ; ie, body weight), ACMJ-20, and ACMJ-30 (ie,(More)
Poor suspension increases slippage of the residual limb inside the socket during ambulation. The main purpose of this article is to evaluate the pistoning at the prosthetic liner-socket interface during gait and assess patients' satisfaction with two different liners. Two prostheses with seal-in and locking liners were fabricated for each of the 10 subjects(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to vary the load on the patellar tendon bar and to study the subsequent effect this has on the pattern of the pressure distribution at the stump-socket interface. Ten male subjects from the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, UK participated in this study. Measuring systems utilising strain gauge and electrohydraulic(More)
Postural stability is crucial in maintaining body balance during quiet standing, locomotion, and any activities that require a high degree of balance performance, such as participating in sports and dancing. Research has shown that there is a relationship between stability and body mass. The aims of this study were to examine the impact that two variables(More)
Diamond like carbon (DLC) is applied as a thin film onto substrates to obtain desired surface properties such as increased hardness and corrosion resistance, and decreased friction and wear rate. Microdimple is an advanced surface modification technique enhancing the tribological performance. In this study, DLC coated microdimples were fabricated on hip(More)
In recent years, nanotechnology in merging with biotechnology has been employed in the area of cancer management to overcome the challenges of chemopreventive strategies in order to gain promising results. Since most biological processes occur in nano scale, nanoparticles can act as carriers of certain drugs or agents to deliver it to specific cells or(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare a seal-in liner with the common suction socket with regards to patient satisfaction and problems experienced with the prosthesis. DESIGN Retrospective survey. SETTING A medical and engineering research center and a department of biomechanical engineering. PARTICIPANTS Men (N=90) with traumatic transfemoral amputation who used both(More)
BACKGROUND Today a number of prosthetic suspension systems are available for transtibial amputees. Consideration of an appropriate suspension system can ensure that amputee's functional needs are satisfied. The higher the insight to suspension systems, the easier would be the selection for prosthetists. This review attempted to find scientific evidence(More)
This study aimed to develop a three-dimensional finite element model of a functionally graded femoral prosthesis. The model consisted of a femoral prosthesis created from functionally graded materials (FGMs), cement, and femur. The hip prosthesis was composed of FGMs made of titanium alloy, chrome-cobalt, and hydroxyapatite at volume fraction gradient(More)
PURPOSE This study examined the kinematic differences between a body-powered prosthesis and a biomechatronics prosthesis as a transradial amputee performed activities that involve flexion/extension and supination/pronation of the wrist. METHOD The subject's wrist movements were calculated and compared as he completed a wrist range of motion test involving(More)