Noor Azlinda Ahmad

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In this paper, the preliminary breakdown pulse (PBP) trains preceding the negative first return strokes recorded using a broad band antenna system in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Florida, United States were analyzed. In lightning flashes observed in Malaysia, the ratio between the amplitude of the largest preliminary breakdown pulse (PBP) and the peak return(More)
[1] New data on X-ray production by laboratory sparks in air are reported. The total deposited energy ranged from about 30 keV to a few MeV. X-ray signals were observed both before and during the collapse of voltage across the gap. The earlier signal is likely associated with processes involving runaway electron breakdown in streamer tips and the later(More)
The main objective of this project is to develop a technique to classify the ripeness of bananas into 3 categories, which is unripe, ripe and overripe systematically based on their histogram RGB value components. This system involved the process of collecting samples with different level of ripeness, image processing and image classification by using(More)
This paper describes a study on the characteristics of preliminary breakdown pulses (PBPs) preceding negative return strokes. Such characterization is needed due to the lack of available data, especially for negative lightning, in Malaysia. Measurements were carried out in Johor Bahru, Malaysia in October 2014 using broadband antennas and a high resolution(More)
Overhead transmission line insulators are designed to perform dual functions namely electrical protection and mechanical support. However, irregular distribution of voltage and electric-field in the insulators may lead to corona, partial discharge, premature aging and indeed flashover. An attempt has been made with finite element software to calculate the(More)
Segmentation is a main process in the object recognition. Many times success of object recognition process depends on the precision of segmentation. The application of image processing technology, in the agricultural research, has made significant development [1]. With the advance processing capacity, soft computing and computer has attracted it as an(More)
In this study, the ability of chitosan-immobilized Acinetobacter haemolyticus as biosorbent for chromium (VI) biosorption in batch system was investigate. Optimized parameter namely pH, contact time, biosorbent dosage and initial metal concentration obtained from the experiment was then applied for electroplating wastewater treatment. Biosorption using(More)
A well-prepared abstract enables the reader to identify the basic content of a document quickly and accurately, to determine its relevance to their interests, and thus to decide whether to read the document in its entirety. The Abstract should be informative and completely self-explanatory, provide a clear statement of the problem, the proposed approach or(More)
In this paper, we reported the wavelet analysis of lightning electric field of Narrow Bipolar Pulses (NBP) measured during two different monsoon season in Johor, Malaysia. The lightning electric field of NBP were divided into Narrow positive Bipolar Pulses (NPBP) and Narrow Negative Bipolar Pulses (NNBP). Analysis on the wavelet and frequency spectrum(More)
Nowadays, utilitarian value might be cheap and practical but people usually interested in a little aesthetical too, thus automatically creates a new concept of environment in order to appreciate creativities. This innovation is an attempt to introduce a fresh concept to the environmental art by combining few elements of art with a modern concept design(More)