Noor Azlin B. Yahya

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Missing teeth can be due to hypodontia, trauma or extraction. In general, the options for treatment depend on the severity of the hypodontia and the severity of the malocclusion. Occasionally, the space from missing teeth has to be maintained for prosthetic replacement and require an orthodontic/restorative approach. It is very important to ensure the space(More)
This study investigated the effect of food simulating liquids on visco-elastic properties of bulk-fill restoratives using dynamic mechanical analysis. One conventional composite (Filtek Z350 [FZ]), two bulk-fill composites (Filtek Bulk-fill [FB] and Tetric N Ceram [TN]) and a bulk-fill giomer (Beautifil-Bulk Restorative [BB]) were evaluated. Specimens (12 ×(More)
Collagen and elastin networks make up the majority of the extracellular matrix in many organs, such as the skin. The mechanisms which are involved in the maintenance of homeostatic equilibrium of these networks are numerous, involving the regulation of genetic expression, growth factor secretion, signalling pathways, secondary messaging systems, and ion(More)
Successful use of tissue expanders depends on the quality of expanded tissue. This study evaluates the impact of anisotropic self-inflating tissue expander (SITE) on the biomechanics of skin. Two different SITE were implanted subcutaneously on sheep scalps; SITE that requires 30days for maximum expansion (Group A; n=5), and SITE that requires 21days for(More)
The increased use of tissue expander in the past decades and its potential market values in near future give enough reasons to sum up the consequences of tissue expansion. Furthermore, the patients have the right to know underlying mechanisms of adaptation of inserted biomimetic, its bioinspired materials and probable complications. The mechanical strains(More)
The purpose of this study were to compare the emergence profiles of crowns with their contralateral tooth, in vitro, and to determine if there is any association between the design of tooth preparations and the resultant emergence profile. 50 working models used for single crown construction were examined. Measurements of the faciolingual width of the(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the marginal adaptation of Turkom-Cera all-ceramic crowns compared to In-Ceram and Procera AllCeram systems. The influence of finish line design (chamfer or shoulder) on the marginal adaptation of Turkom-Cera all-ceramic crowns was also investigated. Thirty human premolars were prepared with chamfer margins and assigned(More)
High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with phenylisothiocyanate (PITC) is recently used for confirming the diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) especially amino acid disorders in Malaysian children. The method of HPLC used is a precolumn derivatization of amino acids with phenylisothiocyanate and is separated by reversed phase(More)
Mechanical properties of expanded skin tissue are different from normal skin, which is dependent mainly on the structural and functional integrity of dermal collagen fibrils. In the present study, mechanical properties and surface topography of both expanded and nonexpanded skin collagen fibrils were evaluated. Anisotropic controlled rate self-inflating(More)
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