Noor Abani

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We examine the in-network optimal content placement and storage allocation problem by formulating a linear program. Our objective is to minimize the overall cost of content delivery subject to total storage budget and link capacity constraints. The solution determines whether/where to keep a copy of a content based on contents ranking distributions. In(More)
Information Centric Networking (ICN) is a proposal for a future network architecture that relies on in-network caching. While still an open problem, the default caching strategy in current ICN implementations is that routers cache everything that passes through them. It has been shown in previous work, that such a universal mode of caching is inefficient(More)
Proactive caching can be a key enabler for reducing the latency of retrieving predictable content requests, alleviating backhaul traffic and mitigating latency caused by handovers. In mobile networks, proactive caching relies on mobility prediction to locate the mobile device's next location and hence the node that must prefetch the content. Previously(More)
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