Nongjian Tao

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The conductance of a single molecule connected to two gold electrodes was determined by repeatedly forming thousands of gold-molecule-gold junctions. Conductance histograms revealed well-defined peaks at integer multiples of a fundamental conductance value, which was used to identify the conductance of a single molecule. The resistances near zero bias were(More)
We present optical imaging-based methods to measure vital physiological signals, including breathing frequency (BF), exhalation flow rate, heart rate (HR), and pulse transit time (PTT). The breathing pattern tracking was based on the detection of body movement associated with breathing using a differential signal processing approach. A motion-tracking(More)
Graphene has received widespread attention due to its unique electronic properties. Much of the research conducted so far has focused on electron mobility, which is determined by scattering from charged impurities and other inhomogeneities. However, another important quantity, the quantum capacitance, has been largely overlooked. Here, we report a direct(More)
We have studied the ionic screening effect on the charge transport properties of graphene field effect transistors. By increasing the ionic concentration, we found dramatic increases in the carrier mobilities and systematic changes in the position and magnitude of minimum conductivity, as well as the width of minimum conductivity plateau, which supports the(More)
We have studied electron transport properties of benzenedithiol and benzenedimethanethiol covalently bonded to gold electrodes by repeatedly creating a large number of molecular junctions. For each molecule, conductance histogram shows peaks at integer multiples of a fundamental conductance value, which is used to identify the conductance of a single(More)
The existence of integrin-like proteins in Candida albicans has been postulated because monoclonal antibodies to the leukocyte integrins alpha M and alpha X bind to blastospores and germ tubes, recognize a candidal surface protein of approximately 185 kDa, and inhibit candidal adhesion to human epithelium. The gene alpha INT1 was isolated from a library of(More)
We report on label-free imaging, detection, and mass/size measurement of single viral particles in solution by high-resolution surface plasmon resonance microscopy. Diffraction of propagating plasmon waves along a metal surface by the viral particles creates images of the individual particles, which allow us to detect the binding of the viral particles to(More)
Building an electronic device using individual molecules is one of the ultimate goals in nanotechnology. To achieve this it will be necessary to measure, control and understand electron transport through molecules attached to electrodes. Substantial progress has been made over the past decade and we present here an overview of some of the recent advances.(More)
We have studied the transport properties of graphene transistors in different solvents with dielectric constant varying over 2 orders of magnitude. Upon increasing the dielectric constant, the carrier mobility increases up to 3 orders of magnitude and reaches approximately 7 x 10(4) cm(2)/v.s at the dielectric constant of approximately 47. This mobility(More)