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An accurate and highly-efficient performance analysis approach is extremely important for the early-stage designs of network-on-chip. In this paper, the novel M/G/I/N queuing models for generic routers are proposed to analyze various packet blockings and then the performance analysis algorithm is presented to estimate some key metrics in terms of packet(More)
We propose a shot-based interest point selection approach for effective and efficient near-duplicate search over a large collection of video shots. The basic idea is to eliminate the local descriptors with lower frequencies among the selected video frames from a shot to ensure that the shot representation is compact and discriminative. Specifically, we(More)
Routing algorithms for cache-coherent NoCs only have limited VCs at their disposal, which poses challenges to the design of routing algorithms. Existing fully adaptive routing algorithms apply conservative VC re-allocation: only empty VCs can be re-allocated, which limits performance. We propose two novel flow control designs. First, whole packet forwarding(More)
In this paper, we present a model for grid-based semantic service discovery by combining the expressive power of the present ontology language and the advantages of semantic web techniques. This model is an initial work to support dynamic workflow composition of semantically described services. Our model distinguishes other service discovery models by not(More)
Virtual machine technology is rapidly emerging as an important component of future computer systems. Full virtualization with dynamic binary translation outperforms paravirtualization and hardware assisted virtualization in x86 CPU virtualization. Previous full virtualization techniques are implemented in software without any hardware assist. In this paper,(More)
Network virtualization has been proposed as a powerful vehicle for running multiple customized networks on a shared infrastructure. Virtual network embedding is a critical step for network virtualization that deals with efficient mapping of virtual nodes and virtual links onto the substrate network resources. Previous work in virtual network embedding(More)
The market for cloud backup services in the personal computing environment is growing due to large volumes of valuable personal and corporate data being stored on desktops, laptops and smart phones. Source deduplication has become a mainstay of cloud backup that saves network bandwidth and reduces storage space. However, there are two challenges facing(More)
Although semantic-based composition approaches have brought some comprehensive advantages such as higher precisions and recalls, they are far from the real practice and hard to be applied in real-world applications due to the several challenging issues such as performance issues of time-consuming ontology reasoning, exponentially expanded searching time in(More)
Cluster deduplication has become a widely deployed technology in data protection services for Big Data to satisfy the requirements of service level agreement (SLA). However, it remains a great challenge for cluster deduplication to strike a sensible tradeoff between the conflicting goals of scalable deduplication throughput and high duplicate elimination(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy and tolerability of levetiracetam (Lev) in children with epilepsy. METHODS Open-label observational, prospective, single arm, non-interventional study examining patients (≤14 years) with epilepsy, receiving mono- or combination therapy with levetiracetam. Levetiracetam was started at a dose of approximately 10mg/kg/day.(More)