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An accurate and highly-efficient performance analysis approach is extremely important for the early-stage designs of network-on-chip. In this paper, the novel M/G/I/N queuing models for generic routers are proposed to analyze various packet blockings and then the performance analysis algorithm is presented to estimate some key metrics in terms of packet(More)
Efficient estimation of population size is a common requirement for many wireless sensor network applications. Examples include counting the number of nodes alive in the network and measuring the scale and shape of physically correlated events. These tasks must be accomplished at extremely low overhead due to the severe resource limitation of sensor nodes,(More)
Web service composition is emerging as a promising technology for supporting large-scale, sophisticated business process integration in a variety of complex e-science or e-business domains. Particularly, semantics have been proposed as a key to automatically solving the discovery and composition problem. However, most of semantic composition approaches(More)
—We propose a shot-based interest point selection approach for effective and efficient near-duplicate search over a large collection of video shots. The basic idea is to eliminate the local de-scriptors with lower frequencies among the selected video frames from a shot to ensure that the shot representation is compact and discriminative. Specifically, we(More)
—Network virtualization has been proposed as a powerful vehicle for running multiple customized networks on a shared infrastructure. Virtual network embedding is a critical step for network virtualization that deals with efficient mapping of virtual nodes and virtual links onto the substrate network resources. Previous work in virtual network embedding(More)
Current service composition and coordination still remain at large amount of manual processing stage, which has brought about low efficiency. In this paper, we present an efficient algorithm for abstract service discovery and a service instance selection method. Our algorithm firstly builds up the special data structures of ontology concepts based on graph(More)