Nolan G. Core

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Comparison of biological (DNA or protein) sequences provides insight into molecular structure, function, and homology and is increasingly important as the available databases become larger and more numerous. One method of increasing the speed of the calculations is to perform them in parallel. We present the results of initial investigations using two(More)
In earlier studies, it was shown that the human plasma-spreading glycoprotein, epibolin (the 65 kD species of serum-spreading factor or vitronectin), requires a second plasma component, termed coepibolin, in order to support maximal dissociated epidermal cell spreading in tissue culture. Whereas epibolin alone in defined medium supports some cell spreading,(More)
A parallel implementation of an efficient method for comparison of multiple DNA sequences is presented. The method is described in terms of a conceptual tree data structure for the sequences to be compared. The parallel algorithm shows efficient utilization of processors on an Encore Multimax computer in a sample comparison of 11 sequences totaling over(More)
To understand the earliest phases of epidermal cell spreading we have sought a defined in vitro system. We studied the divalent cation dependence of guinea pig epidermal cell spreading in media containing varying concentrations of cations. No spreading occurred in calcium-magnesium-free Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (CMF-DME) in the presence of(More)
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