Nolan D. C. Lewis

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Ciguatera, a form of fish poisoning with a pantropical distribution, has been a recognized health problem in the Caribbean and the Pacific for centuries (in the decade from 1973 to 1983 for the island Pacific region as a whole, reported incidence, conservatively 20% of actual incidence, was 97/100,000). Island peoples in subsistence communities have(More)
The 22 Pacific Island countries and territories are in a state of demographic and epidemiological transition. Mortality data for the period around 1980 were collected from various sources and are presented in this comparative study. Because death registration in many Pacific countries is deficient some data have been adjusted for underenumeration; and some(More)
This study examines areal variations in low birth weight, using the census tract as the unit of analysis. Reports from the 1980 U.S. census were used to develop summary indicators of environmental and socio-economic conditions, including poverty, employment, education and crowding, for 155 census tracts in the state of Hawaii. Maternal socio-demographic,(More)