Nola Hewitt-Dundas

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Working Papers are produced in order to bring the results of research in progress to a wider audience and to facilitate discussion. They will normally be published in a revised form subsequently and the agreement of the authors should be obtained before referring to its contents in other published works. Abstract In this paper we explore the factors which(More)
Small business support is an important element of industrial development policy in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This paper examines the effect of grant support on small business performance from 1991-95. Around 50 per cent of small businesses in Northern Ireland and 30 per cent of small businesses in the Republic of Ireland received(More)
Public support for private R&D and innovation is part of most national and regional innovation support regimes. In this paper we estimate the effect of public innovation support on innovation outputs in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Three dimensions of output additionality are considered: extensive additionality, in which public support encourages a larger(More)
Knowledge spillovers tend to be spatially restricted . . . The increased importance of innovative activity in the leading developed countries has triggered a resurgence in the importance of local regions as a key source of comparative advantage . . . A new policy approach is emerging, focusing on enabling the creation and commercialization of knowledge . .(More)
Regional investment in R&D, technological development and innovation is perceived as being strongly associated with productivity, growth and sustained international competitiveness. One policy instrument by which policy makers have attempted to create regional advantage has been the establishment of publicly funded research centres (PRCs). In this paper we(More)
Mature industries are characterised by static or declining sales, low average margins and intense competition between firms for market share. This paper develops a typology of strategic options for small firms in the furniture industry and examines the extent to which firms are adopting simple or complex strategies. Empirical analysis is based on data from(More)
The properties inherent in Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT), create new opportunities for firms, and in particular small firms. The capability of these technologies to modify production specifications quickly and accurately means that firms can customise their products and attain economies of scope based on low volume and low cost production. While(More)
Multinational enterprises (MNEs) have played an important, if not crucial, role in the recent development of the economy of Ireland, both North and South. This paper compares the extent to which MNE plants, North and South are integrated into their host economies through local sourcing. This is important both in terms of the direct effect on local demand(More)
Public funding of university and company-based R&D centres of excellence is widespread both in core and more peripheral regions in the hope of generating local knowledge spillovers. In this paper we examine one such initiative involving the establishment of 18 publicly funded R&D centres. Based on data from a real-time monitoring study, we explore the(More)